Comments & Complaints




Our service

In order to improve the service for yourself and others, we welcome your comments and suggestions. Likewise, if you have a problem with our service, please let us know.

There are many ways that you can put forward your views some of which we have listed below:


Suggestion Box

Please put any suggestions for improvements into the Suggestion Box in the waiting area, which is opened weekly. If you wish, we will contact you to discuss your suggestion.



Most patients are generally satisfied with the care that they receive from General Practice and some patients inform us that they receive care, which is above their expectations.

We like to hear about when you are happy with the care you have received. A note to a member of staff who has been looking after you is always welcomed.



The quickest and easiest way is to speak to the person who is directly involved in your care. They might be able to rectify the situation right away. If they are not able to help or if you prefer, you can ask to speak to the Practice Manager, Mr Richard Larouche or one of the Doctors.

The aim of dealing with complaints within the practice is to help resolve them quickly to everyone’s satisfaction and to enable us to take immediate steps to prevent a similar problem happening again. If, however, for any reason, you do not wish to make use of our complaints procedure or you are dissatisfied with the outcome, you are entitled to contact the local integrated care board (ICB) NHS Devon. Their contact details are:

NHS Devon
Patient Advice and Complaints Team
Pomona House
Edginswell Business Park
Oak View Close

Telephone: 0300 123 1672

If you need help making a complaint:

The South England Advocacy Projects (SEAP) provides an independent complaints advocacy service (ICAS). They can provide you with free help and advice in making a complaint. Their contact details are:

Independent Complaints Advocacy Service (ICAS)
C/O South England Advocacy Projects

Telephone: 0845 120 3782


A Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) has been established in every Clinical Commissioning group. PALS are not part of the complaints procedure itself but they might be able to resolve your concerns informally or can tell you more about the complaints procedure and independent complaints advocacy services. PALS can assist with the following issues:

  • Patient Transport
  • Delays and cancellations
  • Support with multi agency service problems
  • Referral problems
  • Help with Health costs
  • Individual funding process and information
  • Continuing Health Care funding disputes and retrospective review
  • Criteria for access to services
  • Care pathway confusions
  • Policy on service provision
  • Discharge planning.
  • Concerns and complaints where the patient does not want to talk to the service provider, or doesn’t really know which service to start with.

More detailed information about how to complain is available from reception.