If any health professional thinks that you could benefit from a further opinion or support from another service or agency, they will discuss this with you. If they are going to make a written referral you can ask for a copy of this letter or form. We will endeavour to process routine referrals within 5 working days of your initial appointment and 2 working days if it is urgent.


Choose and Book

Patients who are being referred to a Hospital Consultant for further opinion have a right to choose a provider from a list of at least 4 local hospitals approved by the Primary Care Trust. Your GP or the admin team can provide you with information on waiting list times and hospital choice.

The GP would then send your referral letter to the hospital of your choice, and you will be advised of your unique password and how to contact the Hospital Booking Service to make an appointment.

The GP or Practice will give you an information sheet about ‘Choose and Book’, which encourages patients to phone NHS Direct on 0845 46 47, if you want to obtain further information about the hospitals and specialities that are available.

If you want to have time to think about your choice of hospital, we can delay your referral letter until you inform us of your decision.