Travel Vaccinations 




The Practice Nurse is able to provide advice to those travelling abroad and can also administer the necessary immunisations. For travellers with complicated itineraries or intending to stay abroad for more than 2 weeks, up to date travel information is available on the internet from Fit For Travel or the Department of Health’s website 

Please fill out our online Travel Questionnaire prior to your appointment

Appointments need to be booked well in advance, so please make your appointments at least 6 weeks prior to departure, in case a course of vaccinations is required. Some vaccinations are outside NHS work and are chargeable.

image depicting travel vaccinations

Advice concerning malaria is also available from the above information sites, and if recommended it is important to take the treatment correctly. Some malaria tablets are not available on prescription and can only be obtained from the chemist. Some are only available on private prescription for which you will have to pay. You will need to discuss your requirements with the Practice Nurse.