Register with us as a New Patient




Live within our boundary area?

We welcome new patients to the surgery provided they reside in our designated practice area. It is very easy to register, you do not need a medical card, we just ask you to complete and sign a registration form and a short health questionnaire. 


New Patient Registration

Patients aged 5 and over will then be offered a routine health screen appointment with the practice nurse, which is entirely optional. This health check provides us with an opportunity to meet you and obtain important background clinical and medication history, prior to your medical records arriving from your previous practice, which can take anything up to 10 weeks.

For children aged under 5, please indicate on the registration form if you require your child to receive Child Health Surveillance from the practice. You will also be invited to see the health visitor.

If you are on any regular medication, please bring either the repeat slip from your previous surgery or the medication itself to your new patient appointment.


Existing Patients

Patients who live or have moved outside the practice area are encouraged to register with a practice close to their home. This enables GPs and practice staff to work with a range of other health and social care professionals on your behalf, all of whom cover specific localities.


Out of Area Registration

New arrangements introduced from January 2015 give people greater choice when choosing their GP Practice as Practices now have the option of registering people who live outside of their contracted area without any obligation to provide home visits. The Whipton Surgery will now accept patients who do not live in the area if it is clinically appropriate and practical to do so. To determine this we will:

  • Ask you, or your current/previous doctor, questions about your health.
  • Ask you whether it is practical for you to attend the Practice.
  • Please be aware that this may take a little while so you should apply at least 5 working days before you need to make an appointment or request a prescription.

If accepted you will attend the Practice and receive the full range of services we provide here. If you are unable to attend the surgery because of an urgent care need we will ask you to call NHS 111 and they will put you in with the local service that has been arranged for you by NHS England.

We may decide now, or in the future, that it is not in your best interests to be registered in this way and advise that you should register (or remain registered) with a Practice local to your home.

Current patients who move to an address outside of our area are also eligible to apply for Out Of Area registration. For more information or to collect an Out Of Area registration pack please speak to Reception.


Patient De-Registration

Patient removal from practice

Patients are expected to behave in a reasonable manner in their contact with the surgery staff (the practice rarely experiences problems in relationships with patients). If a patient does not behave accordingly, the GPs will request the Primary Care Support Service (PCSS) to remove them from their list.

The Practice and PCSS will then write to the patient informing them that they are being removed from the list and that the practice will continue to provide medical cover for a further 7 days from the date of the letter, during which time the patient should register with another Practice in the local area.